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    Tips to Run Happy after School Holidays!


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    For many children, school holidays has not only meant a break from school but also a break for regular training and playing sport. Unfortunately, a return to sport after a period of reduced physical activity levels can also increase the risk of injury if the athlete is not very careful.


    Many sports and running injuries are a result of a combination of factors;

    • A sudden increase in training volume and or intensity
    • Lack of rest/ recovery time
    • Nutrition
    • Growth & Development -particularly for youth athletes


    The temptation for athletes is to return to the same training loads immediately before their break, especially if their peers have maintained their training or there is upcoming selection trials or events. This is when over-training (tissue- overloading) can become a real problem.


    The trick is all about getting the loading right. Too little load – tissues get weaker, too much load – tissues get damaged. So in the early stages of returning to activity, athletes and their coaches must pay close attention to not only the volume but also the intensity of training. It is also important to address any little niggling injuries early.


    Tied closely to the amount of training is the amount of recovery time between training sessions. Your rest and recovery time is when your body is repairing the stress and damage to your tissues caused by physical activity. Ensure that there is a good mix of low intensity and recovery training sessions as well as plenty of rest/ sleep. Returning to school routines can be exhausting, so be mindful of this when training loads are also added into the equation.


    Please pay attention to your athletes’ nutrition to keep their engines running. Athletes must have the appropriate levels of carbohydrates and proteins, as well as a balanced diet to fuel their bodies for their training, as well as repair the tissues during rest and recovery. If you are unsure please seek the advice from a qualified Sports Dietitian.


    Youth athletes have another element to consider when avoiding injuries. Sudden surges in growth and development can also amplify the effects of the above-mentioned elements. So if your athlete has recently gone through or is currently going through a growth spurt, please pay particular attention to the training loads, rest and diet. It is also wise to keep their coaches in the loop as to how they are feeling in general, niggling injuries as well your athlete’s goals and aspirations.

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