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    When do I need to replace my running shoes?

    worn out running shoes

    At Sunnybank Hills Podiatry, this is one of the most common questions I get when talking to runners. There are a couple of obvious signs that your running shoes need replacing if the uppers or linings of your shoe have holes in them. Despite the strikingly obvious, there are also some other more subtle indicators.

    The onset of minor injuries can be an indicator that your shoes need replacing. You may notice that your shoes just doesn’t have the bounce that it used to, or if your shoe is worn down more on one side at either the heel, forefoot or both. Some less obvious signs of wear are in the midsole (or cushion layer) of your shoes. If you start to notice some small creases in the midsole this is an indication the materials have fatigued or have become worn out.


    In terms of how much mileage you should get out of a pair of running shoes, you may hear a wide range of numbers from 300-1000km. A lot of footwear companies and retailers suggest around 600km is the time to replace your shoes. The problem of giving a mileage limit is that there are a lot of individual variables which affect this;

    • Running surface (road, trail, treadmill)
    • weight of the runner
    • the fit of the shoe
    • Shoe materials
    • How often your run (every day or a few ties a week)

    So treat the suggested mileage as a rough guide only and regularly check your shoes for signs of wear.

    A way to extend the life of your shoes is to have a few pairs on rotation at any one time. The cushioning materials in your shoes will take roughly 24 hours to recover from the continual compression when running, so give them a rest! The other advantage of rotation a few different shoes is that you are not continually loading the same structures time and time again, which we also help in reducing running injuries.

    If you are not sure about whether you need to replace your shoes bring them to your next appointment and I will check them over.

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